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My name is Brittney. I'm studying physics and astronomy at LSU. I grew up in San Antonio, Texas.
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So tonight is when I’ll get my first taste of a hurricane. It doesn’t so much as RAIN back home in Texas so I think this will be an interesting experience. I hardly know what to expect besides traffic being shit on Thursday trying to drive to campus at 8:30. I’m looking forward to the wind and rain but I’m not looking forward to the loss of power for an extended period of time, and I don’t live on campus anymore so I’m sure it’ll be more than a day. I almost convinced myself to drive home but decided to wait it out. Let’s see how this goes…?


and the game better still be on this Saturday!

I lost my JJ’s hat and now I have to wear a visor!


jimmy john’s problems…

Menudo is always my last meal in San Antonio before I drive back to Baton Rouge..

I took this photo while having breakfast with my dad on a Sunday morning.

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My beautiful Sasha! I hadn’t seen her since April!

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my bestie is now the owner of an Antonio Strad :D yayyyyyy



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Omma and her mouse! 

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I made a mini bootlegger unwich complete with tomato and mayo, you liek?



late night meal with ze roommate before I go back to san antonio for a couple of weeks. working with delivery drivers at Jimmy John’s made me realize how screwed up it is to neglect tipping them. TIP YER DELIBBERY BOIZ. 

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Bucky Done Gun - M.I.A.

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was eating these in the dark and accidentally ate a sweet potato one.



This was commissioned by Nick Offerman (and others), as a wrap gift for the entire cast & crew at Parks & Recreation. Really happy with how it came out, and stoked to be doing more work for those guys, I love um! 

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